My experience with the Blythewood Therapists over the past couple of months has been outstanding. From the first day, I was treated with respect and was able to put any preconceived ideas about PT quickly to rest. I was duly impressed by their professionalism and their eagerness to work with me to regain my strength. I was comfortable working with each of the therapists. KUDOS to Patterson who continuously prodded me to try one more step, Brian, Carrie, Brook, Joye Anna and Alex.
I would not hesitate a second to recommend this facility to others needing physical therapy.

D.C. (Blythewood, SC)

CRC is a unique place if you are looking for a professional and concerned staff. I have high accolades for the caring service I have received.

W.C. (Columbia, SC)

My experience with the CRC staff over the past couple of months has fabulous. My strength has improved and all staff members have noted such and told me so with encouragement. I would recommend this facility to others needing physical therapy without qualification.

S.P. (Camden, SC)

I have had an excellent experience at Columbia Rehab Clinic. Everyone is very friendly and takes very good care of you, making sure you get maximum benefits from the exercises. I will highly recommend Columbia Rehab Clinic.

Dr. P (Columbia, SC)

Your staff is GREAT! Treated me with respect and was friendly EVERY TIME! LOVED IT!!

A.P. (Irmo, SC)

I was really hurting for such a long time and the ladies here was so great, they were very considerate of my pain and took good care of me.

A.M. (Irmo, SC)

Thank you for the personal and caring treatment you've given me. Your staff is wonderful and very professional. I have the guidance and skill sets needed to return home and continue my recovery.

D.M. (Columbia, SC)

This is my second time needing physical therapy I wanted to come back to CRC due to the level of care that I received in 2009. The staff is very helpful and willing to help when there is a problem, very motivating and encouraging.

T.A. (Columbia, SC)

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. The relief from discomfort and pain is just short of miraculous!

M.L. (Lexington, SC)

Since my disability 2005, I have been to so many physical therapy programs. I must say this has been the BEST EVER!! I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Well credit is due here. The therapists are friendly, caring, patient and fun. I looked forward in coming to physical therapy they explained their goals and objectives with you. They also go over your progress. The whole team seemed like a family, very friendly all the way to the reception. I will be happy to send or refer anyone I know to this program. I can't wait to tell my doctors my progress.

D.M. (Irmo, SC)

Today I complete my prescribed regimen of physical therapy, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your excellent service. I have been amazed at how much the therapy has helped me in such a short time. And I've found every one of you - therapists and administrative staff - really encouraging and friendly. The kind, positive atmosphere is as important to healing as the therapy. I also really appreciate everyone's willingness to answer the many questions I had related to my symptoms and recovery. Thanks very much for your help.

M.E. (Irmo, SC)

What a great experience with a wonderful and friendly group. Very compassionate and caring. I have never had a bad experience. I would recommend them whole heartedly!

L.Z. (Forest Acres, SC)

I've been to Columbia Rehab. Clinic on several injuries, the staff here is kind, caring and courteous. I would highly recommend CRC to anyone who's in need of therapy and wants excellent care.

J.W. (Columbia, SC)

The staff at Columbia Rehabilitation Clinic is the epitome of great customer service. I have had the opportunity to have physical therapy twice at this location and prefer not to be at any other location. My need for quality therapy that will have me back on my feet with more mobility and flexibility without the pain is what I get at Columbia Rehab. Clinic.

C.G. (Columbia, SC- Northeast)

The quality of service is very good and the staff knows how to treat patients.

O.G. (West Columbia, SC)

My rehab consisted of six weeks of therapy twice a week. The staff is very friendly and was eager to get started with my therapy at the Sunset Blvd location. I would recommend this location for friends and relatives in need of therapy. Thank you Ken, Christal and Cecilia for making my sessions pleasant and less painful.

C.J. (West Columbia, SC)

They give the uppermost, respectful, caring physical therapy service at CRC. I always leave, whether I'm working with Christal or Ken, 100% better than when I arrived.

K.B. (West Columbia, SC)