Our Work–Physical Reconditioning Program is dedicated to returning the injured client to gainful employment. It is a program of gradually progressive work related activities performed with proper body mechanics which reconditions the person's musulo-skeletal and cardiovascular systems to prepare them for return to work. Often times a functional capacity evaluation and/or an impairment rating is needed to help determine the patients rehabilitation program.

Program Goals

  • Teach proper material handling techniques
  • Teach patients their safe functional limitations for prevention of re-injury
  • Return to work
  • Remove the guesswork from the M.D.'s return to work prescription
  • Help identify symptom magnifiers
  • Reduce compensation costs

Targeted Populations

  • Work-related injuries
  • Auto accident injuries
  • General muscle-skeletal injuries
  • Back/neck injuries
  • Upper/Lower extremity injuries

Impairment Ratings

According to The American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, an impairment rating (IR) is a medical assessment of a claimant’s injury represented by a percentage value. An impairment is defined as a loss, loss of use, or derangement of any body part. An impaired individual may or may not have a disability. At Columbia Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc., we provide Impairment Ratings and send the results to your physician, attorney, workplace, etc.

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