Rolfing (named after its creator Dr. Ida Rolf, Phd) is a hands-on therapy that focuses on the soft tissue that connects your muscles. Through massage and manipulation we release tension and restore the natural, optimal movement of your body.

Rolfing is particularly effective in delivering long-term benefits because:

  • We don't just focus on the area of pain – we observe and treat the body as a whole, integrated system.
  • You actively participate in the sessions – we pay attention to what you're feeling in real-time and, through collaboration, produce more long-lasting improvements.
  • It's not just treatment, it's movement reeducation – we give you the knowledge you need to move more effectively every day so you can keep your body in alignment and out of pain.

Anyone can benefit from Rolfing, but it can be an effective way to address chronic pain related to an injury or ongoing condition.

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